Monday, November 4, 2013

Keep The Faith

Danny Sparrow-
1. She means that her memory is gonna fade in to nothing,and she thinks that if she makes art of her memory then she will remember them until she dies.
2. Well our work was a love bomb making something horrible into a wonderful place where people can live in peace.

Logan Knox-
1.You have different ideas coming into play when collaborating on art projects. But, sometimes you dont always agree with ideas that your partners have so it can quickly go wrong.

Ronald Kutek-
1. The benefits are less work and responsibility. Also it is a lot more fun working with a group. However it is very easy to start an argument over the work.
2. William Kentridge- I think he means that life is never perfect no matter how good it seems. There will always be opposition. Our movie was about finding happiness in a war. So in a way i think that it relates.


Some challenges of art projects are just thinking about what you want to draw. This is sometimes the hardest part. When Doris Salcedo described her work as "an attempt to rescue a memory", I think she meant that we shouldn't forget our old memories, but try to keep them alive as long as we can.

-Denny Peck

Love at First Sight Saga

The benefits and challenges of this project is having to agree on one thing in the group. Also by getting great feedback on both of them.Doris Salcedo means in her quote that you should always capture the memories in life and that is what she did in her art projects.Also it brought back the memories of they stories in her life! -Lindsey curly Frey

The benefits of collaborating on art projects is getting opinions and ideas from others. The challenges of collaborating are having to agree with the group overall even if you do not approve of the idea. Doris Salcedo means in her quote that your art can bring back lost memories. Our project represents this by giving the idea of remembrance of lost love and the happiness of finding new love. - Emili Younkin

The benefits of collaborating with other people in a group project is collecting different ideas and using everyone's talents differently and your partners can always help if you get stuck or need an extra set of hands. Some of the challenges include not being to think or agree on a topic and balancing the amount of work everyone does equally. When Doris Salcedo says that her work is an attempt to rescue a memory I think she means that sometimes when creating we put some of our memories and past emotions into our work and try to recollect that memory. Her other quote I think means that she doesn't completely identify a victim when recreating a tragedy, she represents them by doing something different. I think our work has the people so we're not leaving them anonymously but we did have the heart we drew on that represents his broken heart and his new love that healed him. I think William Kentridge's relates to our work by there's heartbreak but there's also love that can put us back together. -Sara Mitchell










The benefits of working in a group are that everyone has different skills and ways to do  the project, but the challenges are that people in the group might not agree on doing the same thing. And how can i relate the optimistic and pessimistic side of my artwork? i did that by putting both nice hopeful words with dark more sad words in the artwork but it all ends out in the shape of a heart.
               -Logan Phillips

Fast and Furious

We drew a victim of a car accident that no one knew, it could have been anyone. The victim was anonymous and we could have been showing that the wreck was bad and, he wasn't there anymore after he got life-flighted. Therefore people could interpret him as dying.
-Richard Metheney

the benefits of collaborating on art projects is you can work faster on it and you don't have to do as much. the challenges of collaborating are two minds don't think alike and they don't want to do the same thing. are work was an attempt to rescue the memory of someone getting in car accident.- DeAndre Carson


The benefits of collaborating an art project is getting a visual of your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Some of the challenges we faced were getting certain details of the project to look the way we wanted it to. As Doris Salcedo described in her art work, she attempted to rescue a memory. This means that she can make her memories visual reminders of that memory. My art work represented a memory of a time when I was in a happy place in my life and then something bad happened. Therefore, I was in a dark place. Then everything got better because I overcame so many things. Now I am in a happy place in my life again.     -Crystal

The benefits of collaborating an art project is getting a thought in your mind where you can visual the picture,and think of ideas for your picture. and your feelings towards the picture some of the challenges we faced were getting all of the details right and getting everything set up for the picture. as Doris Salcedo said in her art work "i attempted to rescue a memory". My art work represents me feelings toward art and how i feel about what i do!  my art world is color full and filled with ideas. then there are some dark spots in my art works but i will fill them with color full ideas and my art world would be color full!                   -Timmy

Seasons by KiRon And Cecelia

This is a project about seasons. First season is spring, its raining and the flower starts to grow it hits summer and the flower grows even more. It hits fall and the flower starts to die slowly and when it hits winter a snowman is built and its comes to life and started to dance than the wind blew all the snow away...

Thursday, October 31, 2013

In Its time

The benefits and challenges of collaborating with people is that more ideas can be made. The challenges of collaborating with people is that you don't always get along. I believe that the benefits of working with people outweigh the challenges. Our artwork attempts to rescue a memory by remembering how the seasons change, and the tie is valuable. Time changes very fast and you need to appreciate the moments you have.

There are both benefits and challenges to collaborating in a group assignment. One benefit is you can collectively share your ideas and viewpoints, leading you to develop an even more successful art piece. A challenge to working in a group is trying to agree on one single idea among everyone in your group. Kentridge's statement about optimism and pessimism can be directly related to our artwork. Our formation of a tree, shows both the dead and pessimistic side of a scenario, yet also shows it blossoming into something optimistic, or in other words a beautiful tree. 

Collaboration on art projects allows you to share and expand your ideas.  It can help you become a better artist.  Although, working together can also be difficult because it requires you to have more patience and be cooperative with your group members.  Kentridge's statement about optimism and pessimism can definitely relate to our artwork.  Our tree is shown going through the seasons as it changes from summer to fall which is an example of something optimistic.

Over the Edge

Benefits of collaborating on an art project are the time it takes to complete the project and the ideas that are brought to the table. Challenges are distraction and disagreeing with the other members.

Doris Salcedo bases her art work off of an event that happened in history. Her art is created to resemble and give a memory of those events. Our art is similar because of the the events happening in it, such as a friend saving another.
-Tristan Sandrosky

Benefits of collaborating on an art project was trying to get everything lined up perfect. The challenges were trying to get everyone to agree what we were going to do.

Doris Salcedo is trying to rescue something that happened to a good friend. Our group is like this because we had two friends running on a cliff and one fell off, and the other one jumped off to rescue him from getting hurt.
-Christian Forsythe   

One benefit from collaborating with people is there are gonna be more people to help with the project and there will also be a lot of ideas getting thrown around. A bad thing would be people arguing over what to do. Some might want one thing and others want something different. Our art work showed a guy risking his life to save a friend that is something that is something that doesn't happens very often. Our movie showed that there are still compassionate people in this world.
-Garret Fox

Compassion Saves

       The benefits of collaborating on art outweigh the challenges. To have a fully functioning group will almost never happen, so cooperation is an issue. On the other hand to have everyone's different artistic influence and ideas flowing into one project, it's great. I can relate our project to the thought that optimistic and pessimistic future unfold together. In our work a naturally pessimistic situation turned optimistic through another's compassion.
Morgan Sproul
     The benefits of working together are that you can  have more vast ideas and end up with a more unique work or art. But with benefits there are challenges. A challenge is that not everyone will like you ides and there will be debate. I can relate William Kentridge's statement "the artist understands that the optimistic and the pessimistic future unfold together." I relate to this because the man sinking or falling apart is the pessimism but the friend being there to save him or help him through his hard time is the optimism. Pessimism can be turned to optimism through another's compassion.
 Hunter Kovacs
        The benefits of collaborating  goes by the saying "two minds are better than one". Unless they are on two totally different pages. But all of the different minds could work to an advantage by trying to appease all types of viewers. Some of the challenges are that  none of the people gt along and then the project could go no where. I agree with Doris Salcedos view on art is an attempt to rescue a memory. I believe in this because every one wants to look at something they can relate to, so I feel an artist subconsciously draws or sculpts a memory. I think our project is a great representation because every single person has gone through something traumatic that puts them down, but through strength of yourself or another person you can bring yourself back up.

Season Changing

Collaborating on and art project helps you to become better at working with others and develop good listening and communication skills. But there can be challenges such as hoping that everyone holds up their end of the project and everyone does their part. When William Kentridge says "the artist understands that the optimistic and the pessimistic future unfold together," he means that the good and the bad both happen at the same time. with our work, there are both good, and bad parts, but they work together to make our artwork unique.
                -Anthony Dowling

When you collaborating an art project with a group mate you get the experience of the person. You might also get the inexperience that you get with the partner.
You must use both optimism and pessimism to make true art. You can almost see the future with the correct usage of both optimism and pessimism.
               -Connor Tibbe

Pockets Wide Open

Lucas A. Stinger   

             The benefits of collaborating are the many ideas you can work with. The challenges are coming up with the ideas and making them come to life. Our artwork shows the optimistic and the pessimistic future unfolding together. The Hotpocket cooking is the optimistic being eaten is the pessimistic future.

Joseph E. Burke
           The benefits of using each other and mashing ideas is that you can use thoughts from all and mash them to create the master plan. William Kendridge as I interpreted is that your going to go through some rough patches and some times you'll be running through a field of flowers. But you cant control the future so let the pieces fall into place.

Mike P. Lilley

     the benefits of collaborating is you already have the idea of what you want to do in order to have a better drawing. i think what William Kentridge meant was no matter what happens your going to have good times and bad times, but that what gets you to your future. the quote was "the artist understands that the optimistic and the pessimistic future unfold together.


Aspen Phillips:
I feel as if working in a group allows you to feed off of other people's creativity and help create new ideas, which makes a beautiful piece of artwork, but at the same time, working in a group can hold you back because you can't just change your mind and be extremely spontaneous because it'll throw the whole group off.
Doris Salcedo tries to keep her victims memories alive by putting together art that connects to the people who were involved in the tragic events, they are a touching and permanent staple in the community that reminds people daily of how horrible these events were.

Maximilian Kröger:
It's helpful to work in a group, because you can work of each other ideas, but at the same time you can't be spontaneous or change your idea suddenly. I fell as if Salcedo is trying to keep the victims memories alive by creating art that connects to the people and is a permanent, skaple in the community.

Megan Shimko:
Working in a group to create a project is helpful because it is less stress on one person and you can share ideas. The downfall of working in a group is you have to compromise and can't always do what you want. Salcedo creates art work that connects to people in order to keep the victims alive. Our artwork relates to Kentridge, because it begins sad than gets very dark, and than ends with bright colors.

Studetn Athlete-Darius

The benefits of collaborating on an art project is that you don't have to be a WORK HORSE. I decided not to collaborate because i had no idea what i wanted to do. i just kinda started drawing and finished with whatever flowed out of my pencil. I think William Kentridge means that not everything in life is all good or all bad. Life is what you make it. this relates to my project because it depicts a student athlete  that doesnt just want to make it he want to be great, and the end result was success.nothing good comes easy!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Power to Overcome

     The benefits of collaborating on art projects are the freedom to bounce ideas back and forth, and the chance to see an idea differently. The challenges that you would face are that you might not always agree on an idea, and that your own personal ideas might not get used in the final product. Doris Salcedo uses her work to rescue a memory, and by that i think that she means that she wants to convey the feelings that a certain memory holds. Our work was an attempt to rescue a memory because we wanted to somehow preserve the memory of rising back up from being put down, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or something else.

      One of the benefits of working with someone else is that there are more people so therefore you have more people to help with ideas and the project itself. The challenges are that if you have some problems talking to and getting along with other people, you may have some trouble talking in front of them and helping them brainstorm. In a way, i think our project was kinda an attempt to rescue a memory because I always had someone there to help me pick up my broken pieces when i was down and this reminded me a lot of that!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I think what Doris Salcedo means by saying her work is an attempt to rescue a memory is that she wants to be remembered and wants to remind people of her work and events from the past. I believe our work was an attempt to rescue the memory of love. It was a great project that was bright, unique, and pretty.
I think you have good and bad benefits when working in groups. It's good to have more opinions and ideas from others. But sometimes you wants to use your own idea but you can't because you're in a group and everyone has to agree.  
- Christina Homer

I think Doris Salcedo means she is making a memory to her art work she is doing. My groups work of art was an attempt to rescue a memory because of everything we went through and it meant compassion. The benefits of collaborating on art projects are that you don't have to do everything yourself and maybe if you don't understand something, one of the other group members will and they could help you to understand it. The challenges are you might not agree, and you will have different opinoins about different things.
-Victoria Forsythe
I think what Doris Salcedo means by saying her work is n attempt to rescue a memory

Draining love

        My artwork is more on the lines of William Kentridge but Doris Salcedo made me think that beauty can come from the deepest and worst situations. It had alot to do with my artwork. With William Kentridge I was fasinated by the charcoal works and using paper I did some of both and used. time was a little complicated but i did the best I could with what I had. Im proud of my artwork.

Tragic Lovers

The benefits of collaborating on an art project are if you're stuck on the project, someone else can jump in and help you with it. You also don't have to do all of the work by yourself. Our art shows the absurd is actually accurate because we picked a sad story, but underneath it there is something that everyone needs; compassion.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hope Grows

At the 2013 PAEA Conference in Bethlehem, PA I took a workshop called animation in the Art Room by Marie Huard. We made simple animations by using IMOTION. Most folks had ipads, but I found that I could do it on my iphone which is nice because most kids in my class have iphones. This is my practice one. The assignment for Art 1 is to make an animation on the topic of Compassion.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spark 15

What has the fear of failure stopped you from doing?
by: Sera

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spark 14

"Life's most urgent question is what are you doing for others?" MLK

Exit: What is one way an artist can communicate through painting?  "by creating feeling through color"   -Tirzah

The Roadies were here!

On Friday, September 14th our room was visited by the Roadies from the Invisible Children. They screened a film called The Rescue of Joseph Kony's Child Soldiers. This film exposed the atrocities of the longest running war in Africa. For 26 years the Lord's Resistance Army has been terrorizing innocent people by abduction, rape, murder, torture, mutilation and forced indoctrination of young children into Joseph Kony's army of killers. One of the visitors was Amos, a resident of Uganda who survived the war and became a teacher and mentor of adolescents.The UHS art students and students from other classes were moved and shaken by the stories they heard. Currently, the art classes are formulating ideas in which art can be used to raise funds and awareness for this worthy cause.

More information about Invisible Children is available here.

Friday, May 11, 2012

True Colors and Fun

Jennifer Hull
made it out of clay and i had to use different  kind of tools and i had fun making the bird bath!

StanLee Dean
well tha frist thing i did was get tha clay in tha form of a bowl then i pushed it down into a foam block n i really dont feel that fond adout it cuz i dont like to use clay all like that lol i think my classmates did 1000 times better then what i did cuz they aculley in joyed what they had made but over all its not that bad tha end goodbye:)
Brittny Taylor this is a birdbath. how did i make this by clay then i cut off two pieces of clay made a bowl shape and a vase and when they were leather hard put them together.How i feel about it is every good i like how ther colors came out and i also like how i made the animals in it

leigh ann skinner i made it by cutting clay out of a block then with your hands you make a circle then shape it into a flat peice then i feel very cool about making my project.!

Bird Bath ; <3 ..

This is called a bird bath , i made it with clay , i chopped a piece off
and then i cut it in half so i can have one half for the top and the other
for the bowl. so after cutting the clay i scored it and then put water on
it and smooshed it together i  made sure that there was no airbubbles  and  
then i gave the other piece cpr after i got done with all of that I put it in cabinet
 and let it sit over night so the clay would get hard, so after letting it sit over night I 
scored the bowl and then smooshed it together with the bottom piece. after that i put 
it away and waited for the next morning so that i could glaze it then i put it in the kiln and
it was done , this is how i made my bird bath. I really love my bird bath , and i mostly like it
because of the color of the bird bath , its a beautiful color , when you put water in it you can look 
down and see the beautiful color . 



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The Untold Story of Us

On November 17, 2011 the Art 1 students of UHS held an exhibition of their current works. Teachers, parents and administrators were invited and light refreshments served. Thanks to all who participated.
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The Untold Story of Us

On November 17, 2011 the Art 1 students at UHS held an exhibition of their current works.